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Artist Demonstration by the
Miniature Artists

Some of the artists from the Art in Minature Group currently exhibiting at the Raglan will be conducting some demonstrations of how they create their amazing minature works during the time frame of their exhibition. 
Currently locked in are:
Stuart Marshall 12-2 on Saturday 13th July - Watercolour
Val Johnson 10:30-1:30ish on Saturday 20th July Gouache


2024 Raglan

Ceramics and Sculpture Exhibition


20/8/24 - 6/10/24

The Raglan Gallery is excited to announce a wonderful opportunity in 2024. We will be showcasing the 3D work of ceramic artists, sculptors, creators in any 3D medium in the period 20th August to 6th October 2024.The Raglan invites you to submit works which can be for display Inside or Outside the Gallery . All works must be for sale.

Entry Forms for Competitions
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Openings 6th July

2pm Phillip Frankcombe
& Art in Minatures

Mitchell Gallery
Philip Frankcombe

"Whirly Gig"
3/07/24 - 18/08/24

After completing a painting, influenced by satellite photos of the weather on Earth; I asked my grandson to name the painting. He said, “Whirly Gig”. I chuckled at his innocent, child like humour, as a lot of my paintings are to do with that whirling energy, the activity and motion of that creative feminine energy which has made us and tries to nurture us.

“GIG” could also mean the Goodness or the Greatness in God ?

My association with Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and the meditative practice of Sahaja Yoga, has given me the understanding of the subtle side of the human and our relationship to God. The subtle side being, Tree of Life, Kundalini, Holy Ghost or Shakti, represented by our subtle system within us, the active plexuses and whirling chakras in our body. Nature is an important part of my paintings and I also try to reflect,  cultural and spiritual relationships and also attempt to show similarities and unity.

Hopefully it also shows we do have beauty in our heart, The Spirit, which is the most important unifying quality.

By combining colourful acrylics and oils on canvas, the works hopefully give a feeling of that unity we have to that creative force, the Divinity that surrounds us.

Thank You – Phillip Frankcombe.

Tillers Gallery
Art in Miniatures

3/07/24 - 18/08/24

The Art in Miniature group known as AIM, is a friendship group of artists. Within our 100 square cm working surface we aim to create miniature works of excellence, to foster traditional and modern works in miniature and to share the love and challenges of painting miniatures.

The group was conceived in 2001 by Jan Vincent and Margaret Brice, both Canberra artists.

This is the group’s 24th exhibition and over 100 miniatures will be exhibited by our 21 members. There will be a variety of mediums and subject matters exhibited in this show, reflecting the diverse nature of this talented group.


2024 Raglan

Ceramics and Sculpture Exhibition


20/8/24 - 6/10/24

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