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Raglan Gallery will be closed from 1pm on Saturday 22nd June .

2024 Raglan

Ceramics and Sculpture Exhibition


20/8/24 - 6/10/24

The Raglan Gallery is excited to announce a wonderful opportunity in 2024. We will be showcasing the 3D work of ceramic artists, sculptors, creators in any 3D medium in the period 20th August to 6th October 2024.The Raglan invites you to submit works which can be for display Inside or Outside the Gallery . All works must be for sale.

Entry Forms for Competitions
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Tillers and Mitchell Galleries

Climate Action Monaro
Art Awards
15 May - 30 June

Theme: Imagine A Clean Energy Future

Winners  1st Prize       Graeme Krake
                2nd Prize     Tein McDonald
                3rd Prize       Julia Cotrell-Dormer
Youth       1st Prize       Laila Judd
                 2nd Prize     Noah Bond
                 3rd Prize      MAGIC
Photography                Belinda Streete
Highly Commended    Igor King
                                      Anna Streatfeild


Tillers Gallery
Art in Miniatures

3/07/24 - 18/08/24

Mitchell Gallery
Philip Frankcombe

"Whirly Gig"
3/07/24 - 18/08/24

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