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Gillian Jenkins

I enjoyed curating and exhibiting in the Queer Pets 2 exhibition with Belinda Streete and Leanne Gai. 

The anticipation of how a show will read when hung has always intrigued me.

I felt that the art works of all 3 of us created quite a peaceful contemplative space. In which anyone could sit and relax or wander around in.

I appreciated how the members of the board and volunteers were so supportive and helpful with the first Queer pride event in the Raglan's long history.

And with the help of the members of the board the opening night went so smoothly.

I've exhibited with the Raglan since 2012. And am a big fan of such a fantastic gallery, always a really lovely experience. 

Belinda Streete.

Gillian Jenkins invited me to be part of the Queer Pets Two exhibition 6 weeks ago. It was an exciting and highly motivating experience for me to be a part of this creative project. Having my work displayed at Raglan Gallery along with two great friends has been an honor.
Photography has been a great source of pleasure for me. It has enabled me to express my aesthetic, be my authentic self and share my love for community and Ngarigo Country with others.
It was a wonderful experience for me to share the opening night with my family, friends, and the wider community. I am so pleased with how well our exhibition was received, and I thank the Raglan Gallery committee for providing this opportunity for local Queer Artists.

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