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On show at the Raglan Gallery
until Saturday 7th August 2021

Born and brought up in Australia, Amanda Andrich is a mixed media artist who draws inspiration from the everyday adventures of life, coming up with new art pieces, tastefully playing with whimsy and colours.   

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Pastel Art

"I found my new love in art. Pastel drawing is now my new thing". Amanda Andrich.


Flowers for any occasion

Having a European household meant that everything could be created or renovated, nothing had to be bought. Amanda learned how you can use innovation and creativity to utilize all the raw material available and still produce something worthwhile and useful. 

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Fun for Christmas

"There's always something new. There is nothing that is impossible, I just have to find a way to make it happen.”  -Amanda Andrich


Largest Leadlight

"This is my biggest piece to date. I loved the process" Amanda Andrich.

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