Phillip Frankcombe  - “Mother’s Garden” June 25 – August 7.

This title can conjure up an intimate nearness, a domestic, home garden atmosphere. The intention is to go deeper than that, to go to that creative Feminine Force, Mother Nature. Nature has been worshipped by many cultures; Shakti, Athena, Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, to name a few. The intention is to take nature, mix in different religious and cultural symbols to invoke our primal link with that power, our part in Mother’s Garden.

Philip’s understanding of this comes from his yoga meditation practice. His work incorporates acrylics, handmade stencils and oil paint, reflecting the surrounding elements, nature and beauty. Philip also employs a variety of brushes, built designs and stay sticks to create his works. Those familiar with Philip’s work from previous exhibitions will find exciting new styles in this exhibition, evoking the beauty of Mother Nature through our senses, connecting with our surroundings

Nutrition 2021 .6 x .6 AcrOiCan $300 (002).jpeg
Nahda ( The Awakening) 2021 .5 x .75 AcrOilCan$350 (002).jpeg
Oh Radiant Morning 2021 .75 x .6 AcrOilCan $350.jpeg